Sizing varies for each item and measurements are stated on the individual listing.
Many of the items I make are oversized and designed to fit many body types, so typical sizing is put into the categories of Small/medium (s/m) and medium/large (m/L). not all bodies fall into these categories, so always feel free to message me about custom measurements and I can make any size.

items are normally measured when laid flat - so when measuring yourself just take your total around and divide it in half for an idea of how it will fit. it’s always a good idea to take an item you already have that may be a similar style that you like the fit of and measure that flat and compare.

i can always alter measurements on garments for you (ie lengthen the top, less deep V, etc) - at this point i don’t charge anything extra. if this is something you want done please fill out the contact form with your order number and info after purchase and i will confirm with you within a day.

for some orders i only have enough material to make one top, so i will either specify what I can make from the material available, or ask that you specify between which size (S/M or m/l) at checkout. other items with bulk fabric will have the size option when you add to cart.

General sizing for boxy crop tops =

Width: 21-22 inches
Length: 17.5-18 inches

Width: 23-24 inches
Length: 18.5-19.5 inches

i am a super small and ran by one person clothing line, and although i have always intended and desired to show and work with all sizes and bodies, i end up being the model for most of the photos on my site out of convenience. when i’m able, i love scheduling photoshoots and working with local photographers and models. i want to improve the way i show my clothing and be more diverse as a brand, and am hoping to be more inclusive with each new shoot i do.  thank you!

always feel free to contact me with any questions.